My-shield® Hospital Grade Disinfectant

My-shield® Hospital Grade Disinfectant is a powerful disinfectant designed for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities. My-shield® L. Hospital Grade Disinfectant has been clinically tested and proven to kill Bacteria & viruses including COVID-19 and is pending US EPA registration.

Uses: Healthcare, commercial, professional and industrial.

*Also available in 5 gal, 55 gal and 264.5 gallon sizes*
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My-shield® Hospital Grade Disinfectant can be applied to small surface areas by either electro static sprayer or conventional trigger spray directly onto the surface and allowed to dry or sprayed and then wiped onto the surface or item. My-shield® Hospital Grade Disinfectant is a unique, fast-acting surface treatment product that will kill bacteria & viruses on contact & continue to kill for extended periods up to 28 days with the benefits of Zetrisil®.

My-shield® Sanitizing & Disinfecting Products Other Products
Kills in excess of 99.99% of bacteria, bio-films, spores & viruses Poor effectiveness against many bacteria & viruses
EPA Registered May not be EPA registered or compliant
Persistent protection for up to 28 days Little or no persistence (30 seconds typically)
Very low in toxicity May be highly toxic
Non-irritating Cause allergic irritation and rashes
Anti-Static- can be applied onto electrical appliances Disruptive to electrical equipment
Proven safe for all surfaces May be harmful or corrosive to surfaces
Environmentally stable (non-leaching) Environmentally Hazardous

My-shield®ready to use Sanitizers and Disinfectants have pending EPA approval and are certified to remove, prevent & kill bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold and mildew from surfaces as part of any standard sanitary maintenance operation in food service, education, commercial and healthcare facilities.My-shield®Sanitizing + Disinfecting ProductsOther ProductsKills in excess of 99.999% of bacteria, bio-films & virusesPoor effectiveness against many bacteria & virusesEPA registered May not be EPA registered or compliantPersistent protection up to 28 daysLittle or no persistence (30 sec typically)Very low in toxicityMay be highly toxicNon-irritatingCause allergic irritation and rashesAnti-static – can be applied directly onto electrical appliancesDisruptive to electrical equipmentProven Safe for all surfaces May be harmful or corrosive to surfacesLeaves the treated surface odor freeUnpleasant odors of bleach & chlorineEnvironmentally stable (non-leaching)Environmentally hazard


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