12x80ct Refillable Tubs (case) PharmaCare Disinfectant Wipes

Daily use of PharmaCare Disinfectant Wipes is clinically proven to kill harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses including COVID-19 in less than 2 minutes. Perfect for all your surface hygiene applications. For restaurants, schools, gyms, commercial work place, retirement homes and veterinarian, dental and healthcare facilities. These low-cost, high-quality wipes are available in several convenient and easy to use options.

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• Pre saturated
• Cleans + disinfects most surfaces
• Free of phenol and bleach
• Proven to kill COVID-19 in less than 1 minute
• Not intended for personal hygiene use

Available in:

A. 50ct Wipe Packs
(14cm x 18cm) (5.91” x 7.09”) – 40 Packs/Case
B. 80ct Wipe Refillable Tubs
(14cm x 18cm) (5.91” x 7.09”) – 12 Tubs/Case
C. 80ct Wipe Tub Refill
(14cm x 18cm) (5.91” x 7.09”) – 12 Bags/Case
D. Bulk 800ct Wipe Rolls
(15cm x 20cm) (6in x 8in) – 4 Rolls/Case

Product Case Code Carton Dimensions Units/cases per Carton Carton Weight Cartons per pallet
A. Disinfecting Wipes (14cm x 18cm) (5.51’x 7.09’) 40gsm – 50ct Pack PC-1004-02 40 Packs 105 Cartons
B. Disinfecting Wipes (14cm x 18cm) (5.51” x 7.09”) 40gsm – 80ct Refillable Tub PC-1004-04 40cm x 30.5cm x 23.5cm 12 tubs 7.8kg (17.2lbs) 45 Cartons
C. Disinfecting Wipes (14cm x 18cm) (5.51” x 7.09”) 40gsm – 80ct Tub Refill Bags PC-1004-06 40cm x 30.5cm x 23.5cm 12 Units 7.8kg (17.2lbs) 45 Cartons
D. Disinfecting Wipes (15cm x 20cm) (6in x 8in) 40gsm – 800ct Roll PC-1004-08 40cm x 38cm x 22.5cm 4 rolls 20.0kg (44.09lbs) 45 Cartons


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