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Window Cleaning

It is important to note that when you are preparing to clean your windows, you follow certain steps in order to clean them proficiently and safely. The supplies that we us in order to perform this job are as follows; a ladder for two story homes and office spaces if necessary, a water hose for rinsing windows and window frames, bucket of window cleaner with a little dish soap, a great squeegee with an extendable handle and sponge attached to it, a lint-free microfiber towels and a small scraper.

● A scraper usually comes with replaceable metal blades and is useful to get tough marks off, such as paint, varnish or stubborn insect marks. A little one inch, pocket scraper is usually enough for most maintenance jobs. A word of caution: don’t attempt to use a scraper if you don’t know how to use it correctly. You could do permanent damage to your glass.

Our professionals follow a set of guidelines in order to get your windows looking fresh and sparkling clean. Our procedure is as follows:

  1. Pick the right day to wash your windows. Generally cloudy days or shadow facing windows are the best to clean. The sun will cause streaking despite our best efforts and will make the water and solution evaporate a lot quicker.
  2. Rinse windows thoroughly of all dirt and grime including the surrounding frame.
  3. While the windows are still wet, use a scraper to scrape off any paint or bug marks off of the window to give a smooth surface for the next step.
  4. Using a squeegee, sponge and window cleaner, begin to scrub the windows free of dirt and grime and using the squeegee to remove the dirty cleaner.
  5. Make sure we are wiping the squeegee blade off with a dry lint-free towel after each pass.
  6. Use a clean lint-free microfiber towel to wipe off any excess water that you see left behind usually on the corners and the edges.
  7. By following these steps we will have your windows looking spotless and squeaky clean. They’ll be sparkling, streak-free and ready for you to throw them open to let the freshness of the outdoors into your home.


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