Make-Ready Cleaning

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Make-Ready Cleaning

Make-Ready cleaning is the cleaning that takes place right before a tenant or resident is about to take the keys to move in. This cleaning is essential and must take place once all touch up and renovations have taken place in the residence. Following a strict cleaning checklist, we make sure we check off and clean the entire space from top to bottom. Whether you are preparing for a rental tenant or doing rehab for retail, our professionals can help you get your space ready!

Make-ready cleaning is not common knowledge and should be left to the experts. This type of cleaning takes a skilled eye and a lot of patience. When a family moves out of a home, there are all types of dirt and grime left behind. During this type of clean, it is necessary to sanitize every surface.

Make-ready cleaning can be very time consuming work because it is a​ final clean​. During a make-ready cleaning our professionals sanitize all surfaces including inside/outside all kitchen/bathroom cabinets, drawers and inside/outside kitchen appliances. This type of clean is needed when moving in/out of a new apartment or home. Sometimes tenants leave property without performing a move out cleaning, but we will make sure that no one moves back in without a cleaning. We provide our services to apartment homes, homes, retail and commercial spaces. Let us help you to get your space spotless and clean for its next occupants.

Make-Ready Cleaning Includes:
● Vacuuming carpets
● Sweeping and mopping wood and/or tile floors carefully choosing a cleaning agent specific to each floor
● Dusting and wiping baseboards, windowsills, ceiling fans (within reach of a step stool) light fixtures (within reach of step stool) and blinds
● Clean and wipe down countertops and kitchen sink
● Clean inside and outside of appliances, cabinets and drawers
● Clean and disinfecting bathrooms
● Clean mirrors, windows and window tracks including sliding glass doors.

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